Comprehensive Assessment System

Pre-Built and Customized Solutions For All Your K-12 Assessment Needs

Galileo's comprehensive, research-based assessment system makes it the clear choice for educators focused on promoting learning. The Galileo comprehensive assessment system is designed to help inform the many types of educational decisions that impact student learning and success. The Galileo comprehensive assessment system is the assessment solution you have been searching for with easy-to-use tools and robust item banks offering:

comprehensive assessment system
  • assessments aligned to state test blueprints or your customized pacing guides
  • multiple assessment types to meet all your needs (such as benchmark, computer adaptive, formative, pre/post, summative, end-of-course)
  • planning technology and ATI staff ready to support the design, construction, and implementation of a complete assessment system created to your specifications
  • technology that ensures that assessments across the comprehensive system do not contain duplicate items, enemy items, or duplicate texts; the technology also ensures that passages are at appropriate reading levels and contain a balanced number of questions per passage
  • intuitive/flexible Test Builder and Item Builder interfaces for creating and sharing assessments
  • ATI Secure and Community Item Banks with more than 161,000 items in ELA, mathematics, and science (including more than 16,800 technology enhanced items) and hundreds more added monthly; plus optional Inspect® and Navigate™ item banks collectively offering an additional 194,000 items
  • numerous item types including technology-enhanced and constructed-response as well as performance-based tasks
  • secure item banks for district-level assessments and community item banks for classroom and school quizzes/tests
  • flexible methods for test administration
  • valid and reliable data that facilitates effective instruction
  • state-of-the-art statistical analyses and ongoing research including Item Response Theory analyses placing scores on common scale to accurately measure growth, forecast state test performance, and provide categorical growth analysis

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Full Coverage to Meet Your Assessment Needs

ATI has multiple assessments to meet your needs in measuring student growth and achievement. The Galileo comprehensive assessment system provides a wide range of prebuilt and customized assessment options in ELS, math, and science for students from kindergarten through the 12th grade. Galileo assessments are completely aligned to state test blueprints or your customized pacing guides.

assessment offerings


Galileo Test Builder with Item Builder Interface Makes Creating Formative Assessments Easy and Efficient

The Test Builder and Item Builder interfaces are designed for teachers and enable you to:

  • build your own items quickly and easily including technology enhanced items
  • search item banks (e.g., ATI Community, Inspect®, and Navigate™ item banks) by standard or item family
  • refine searches by type and depth of knowledge
  • quickly add, reorder, and/or delete items
  • view a summary of your current test items at the same time as your current search results
  • easily access online student and teacher previews of your test
  • access quick links to schedule a published test and print it if needed for offline student test booklets

Test Builder video

Learn how Test Builder can be used to quickly create standards-aligned test items and formative assessments in multiple subjects for grades K-12. Watch the brief video.

Robust Item Banks Challenge Students at All Levels

The ATI Secure and Community (formative) Item Banks in ELS, mathematics, and science are completely aligned with your state standards and Common Core. Using a wide range of item types, our banks engage students in complex thinking needed for college and career readiness and can be used to create multiple types of classroom, school, and district assessments. ATI offers 19 different item types which include:

  • Selected-Response
  • True-False
  • Essay
  • Extended Selected-Response (multi-correct)
  • Multi-Part Item
  • Sequencing (drag and drop)
  • Short Answer
  • Selectable-Text (hot text)
  • Interactive Coordinate Planes
  • Interactive Linear and Volume Measurement
  • Interactive Classifying
  • Interactive Ordering
  • Interactive Graphing and Charts
  • Interactive Labeling
  • MAZE
  • Dropdown Editing
  • Audio and Video
  • Observational
  • Performance-Based

Experience some of the engaging, innovative Galileo items that encourage higher order thinking skills in the ATI Sample Items assessment.

math TE item

Math TE item illustration

ELA TE item

ELA TE item illustration

Science TE item

Science TE item illustration

Optional Item Banks: We have partnered with Key Data Systems and Certica to provide access to the Inspect® and Navigate Item Banks™. These partnerships add more than 194,000 items in ELA, math, science, and social studies to Galileo, creating one of the most comprehensive sets of item banks available in the industry. Access to the optional item banks provided for an additional fee.

Learn more about ATI Item Bank options

Efficient, Flexible Methods of Test Administration

Galileo assessments can be easily administered online and offline. Whether in a computer lab or on a tablet, the online testing interface provides streamlined, student-friendly navigation, universal testing tools such as strikethrough and highlighting, and interactive features such as calculators and protractors. Galileo provides multiple solutions for offline assessment with online scoring and reporting including GradeCam scanning via web/document cameras.

Valid and Reliable Data that Facilitates Effective Instruction

Galileo state-of-the-art statistical analyses using Item Response Theory provide Developmental Level (scale) scores, standards mastery classifications, growth, and risk information guiding multiple types of differentiated instruction including:


Skill mastery instruction guided through information from the Test Monitoring Report and Detailed Item Analysis Report

Standards mastery instruction guided through information from the Intervention Alert and Instruction Performance Tracker

Pattern of progress instruction guided through information from the Student Growth and Achievement Report

Educators have rapid access to assessment results through reports that can be conveniently accessed through Dashboards. Additionally, assessment results are communicated easily to both students and parents through the Galileo K-12 Student-Parent Center.

Student Launchpad Take Test Tile

Test results can be quickly accessed from the Galileo K-12 Student-Parent Center.

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